Acadsoc Study Abroad Consultants

Who we serve:

All students who intend to study abroad.

What our services include:

We provide students and parents with relevant information and answer all their questions about overseas studies. We also help students and parents with all issues related to studying abroad. All our services are free of charge.

Our Aim:

To be Patient, Passionate, and Professional.


Acadsoc Study Abroad consultants Alice Chen and Lok Wong have both acquired the the Education UK Certificate for agents issued by the British Council (BC). Up till now, there are few agents in China who have gained this certificate.

Our Acadsoc Study Abroad consultants have taken the ongoing BC training programmes and acquired the skills and resources needed to give relevant, accurate and trustworthy information about living and studying in the UK.

The British Council requires all the certified agents to take regular recertification and assessment in order to make sure whether they are still able enough to remain on the list of BC trained certified agents. Therefore, as trained counselors, Acadsoc Study Abroad consultants keep their professional knowledge up-to-date and work actively to enhance their professionalism so as to meet the requirements of the British Council.

Acadsoc consultants also keep themselves up to date with the visa guidelines and policies by regularly attending seminars run by UKBA and the British Council.

Alice's BCAC certificate

Lok's BCAC certificate

You can search for all the certified agents on the official website of the British Council:

Alice & Lok are on the BC's certified agent list